Comic 1 - The Last Tomorrow
28th Sep 2014, 12:00 PM
The Last Tomorrow
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Author Notes:
hipopotamo edit delete
Welcome to the Last Tomorrow.
This is a really short story, so we advice you to start reading from the beginning (this page!)
User comments:
Michael Yakutis (Guest) edit delete reply
What a great cover! I am looking forward to seeing the sequentials. I already know it's a great story.
Stever edit delete reply
Very nice looking cover. I really love how all the images fit together!
Outlaw edit delete reply
Woah... I've already got my attention. Can't wait to see what this is all about.
melaredblu edit delete reply
Thank you kindly, everyone! Hopefully it won't be long before the first page is up. We appreciate you reading this and hope you'll enjoy what we have in store.
hipopotamo edit delete reply
I'm so excited of having this interest with the cover page only. Mela and Kari have invested a lot of effort on the following pages. We really hope you like our tale!
bunny (Guest) edit delete reply
To be honest, the drawings are a bit week in this. I think the drawing would benefit from a bit more variety in line thickness. They rely to much on the think black lines and shapes, so everything looks like fat and bubbly, and it looses its effect because it's used in every panel. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm just trying to help you grow ^^

melaredblu edit delete reply
Thank you for the honesty! Line weight's a major thorn in my side and I'm still working out how to do heavy shadows right, but your advice is helpful. I'll keep it in mind.